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World of Warcraft
  • RPGsalez.com v 2.0 now launched!


    After months of development we are eventually done! Improved bonus system, toll free phone line, new games, better offers for existing  ones and much much more, just scroll down to see most exciting news about our services!

  • EverQuest platinum prices cut and great improved powerleveling here


    Yes, good ol' EQ. Now even better price and quantity offers. Also powerleveling available. Fast (100aas just in 2 days) and cheap (100aas for just $59.90). No cheats, hacks and all the 85 levels to be done by our great leveling team!

  • EverQuest II platinum prices cut and stock loaded!


    We are glad to inform that our EverQuest II operations are now back and competetive again. If you are looking to buy EQ2 platinum and gold RPGsalez.com is the place. Of course everything is cheap and fast as usually.

  • Cheap and fast EVE online ISK.


    Here, on RPGsalez.com. Great and safe delivery system. Improved and hastened, just takes us minutes to make you multi-billionaire in this game.

  • Warhammer Online gold up for sale.


    Yes, you can now buy cheap Warhammer Online gold here. All servers, both US and EU, huge stock and speedy mail deliveries! Enjoy!

  • Lineage 2 adena now available!


    RPGsalez.com now offers Lineage 2 currency across all servers. You can easily buy adena now. Of course it is as cheap and as fast as other services offered by the company and you can purchase it with confidence.

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