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Why RPGsalez.com


There are few main reasons why your choice of RPGsalez.com company is the best one.

1. Our company was founded by few MMORPG veterans. It means that we had spent a lot of time playing such games ourselves: raiding, farming, leveling etc. None of our employees is just a person from aside who only processes your orders but has nothing to do with the world of MMORPG games. And, frankly speaking, we used to buy coins ourselves, so we know the process from both sides.

2.Long time in business. We are operating for over 4 years now. It means that we do meet our customers´┐Ż needs, and we have decent experience. In case of poor services or some other drawbacks we would not survive in the market.

3. You can be sure that every operator speaks English fluently and there will be no communication problems or language barriers.

4. We are trustworthy! We have an outstanding PayPal rating of 3500+. It means that there is absolutely no risk of scam and you can be sure that the money we received from you will not just disappear. We also never sell duped or exploited currency! All of the coins we sell are gained by killing monsters in game, trading etc.

5. We have special system which always checks our stock and lists ONLY CURRENCY we have. If we do not, then you can preorder it and we will deliver it as soon as we get it usually within 24 hours.

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