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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: Why should I trust you?
A: Check our outstanding PayPal rating of 3500+. It speaks for itself. This rating only includes people who used their verified PayPal account to shop with us. It only counts 1 person 1 time, so all the return customers are not counted again. This rating also does not include unverified and credit card buyers.

Q: How fast do you deliver?
A: If you see an button then it means that we will deliver your currency in 15-30 minutes after receiving payment from you, if there is one then we will deliver part of your order in 15-30 minutes and the rest in next 24 hours.

Q: How come you have so much of currency for sale?
A: We have steady contacts with people who farm currency full time. As we buy a lot and pay in advance they offer us lower price. We add our profit margin and sell to you, that�s it.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept PayPal, and all major credit cards. We can also accept WesternUnion from you if you want, but you will have to pay all the corresponding fees in that case.

Q:Why do you change prices sometimes?
A: MMORPG currency changes time to time. So when our suppliers change their prices we have to change ours too. But we always try to keep our profit margin lowest possible to provide you most competitive rates.

Q:Do you buy ingame currency ?
A: Yes we do! And we trade EverQuest platinum for AA points or LVL exp. Check Sell To Us page for more info. If you are selling plat for money we can pay you via PayPal either Western Union. (PayPal premier account holders do not pay fees for receiving payments from us also). If you would like to supply us any other game currency email us at or come to live chat.

Q:Do I have to be on account while you powerlevel my character and is it safe ?
A: You have to provide us with full access to your account that means: Login & Temporary Password, nothing more. For now we have fulfilled more than 500 powerleveling orders. None of our customers ever got their accounts suspended or banned. We DO not store your accounts login info and we will never share it with anybody.

Q:How do you bank all the AA's ?
A: We can bank only 30 aa points. If ordering more than 30 aas you must send us a list of alternate abbilities you want us to gain for your character. The list must be sent to or given to live support operator. We do not start powerleveling untill we receive the list.

If you still have any questions, please contact us via livesupport system.


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